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Watering your garden

Best Soaker Hose

Table of Contents  Introduction 1. Why Every Garden Needs a Soaker Hose 1.1. Efficiency and convenience 1.2. Healthier plants1.3. Durability 1.4. Budget-friendly and easy to install  2. How to Choose a Good Soaker Hose 2.1. Length 2.2. Durability and strength 2.3. Number of holes 2.4. Pressure rating 2.5. Design 2.6. Leak resistant attachments 2.7. Anti-kink technology 2.8. Budget and warranty  3. Top 5 Best Soaker Hose Reviews 3.1. Editors Pick […]

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Soaker Hose Problems: Causes and How to Solve Them

Table of Contents  Introduction 5 Common Hose Problems1. Unequal Pressure Distribution Problem 2. Soaker Hose Length Problem 3. Evaporation Problem 4. Clogging of the Hose 5. Horrible Timing  Conclusion   IntroductionA Soaker HoseSoaker hoses are perhaps the most inexpensive yet a convenient solution to a myriad of gardening problems. They provide an efficient way of irrigating plants without wasting much water. Unlike […]

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Lawn Sprinkler Systems – All You Need to Know About It

Table of Contents  Introduction 1. Components of a Sprinkler Controller System 1.1. The Sprinkler Head1.2. Sprinkler Zones 1.3. Sprinkler Controller Timers 1.4. Sensors 1.5 Hose2. How Lawn Sprinkler Systems Work 3. How to Install a Sprinkler System 3.1. Determine the water pressure 3.2. Determine the service line size 3.3. Determining the flow rate3.4. Map the sprinkler system 3.5. Planning for coverage 3.6. Knowing the primary parts 3.7. […]

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Lawn Care: Watering Your Lawn Efficiently

Content   Introduction 1. Finding ways of conserving water Adjusting of mowing habits Use of smart clock Reduce fertilization Reduce unnecessary watering Recycle water Checking for leaky sprinklers 2. Altering the lawn to conserve water Frequent weeding Choosing the right grass Consider alternatives to turf  3. Identifying ideal amount of water for your lawn  Final Verdict    IntroductionTo many lawn owners, maintaining a lush green lawn translates to […]

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Watering Your Lawn: How Much, How Often and What Time?

Quick Navigation 1. Introduction2. How much water is enough?3. How to tell if you’ve watered enough4. How often should I water my lawn?5. What time?6. Conclusion  1. IntroductionAs a homeowner, a lush green lawn not only symbolizes pride but also provides a great place to relax and play. However, maintaining the green lawn requires a […]

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Are You Overwatering or Underwatering Your Lawn? Signs and Solutions!

Quick Access  1. Introduction 2. Get control of your sprinkler system 3. How much water is enough? 4. How much is overwatering?  5. How much is underwatering?  6. The Solution  1. IntroductionLawn care can be quite daunting. Among the crucial lawn care practices, besides mowing, is watering. Your lawn certainly needs water. But how much is enough?  Overwatering and underwatering […]

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Best Wifi Sprinkler Controller Reviews 2017 & Buying Guide

You don’t have to worry about overwatering or underwatering your landscape thanks to advancements in technology and to be specific, Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controllers.You can now say goodbye to water wasting and the hustle of always having to remember your traditional irrigation controller off or on.This article will focus on the top best Wifi sprinkler […]

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