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Watering Your Lawn: How Much, How Often and What Time?

Quick Navigation 1. Introduction2. How much water is enough?3. How to tell if you’ve watered enough4. How often should I water my lawn?5. What time?6. Conclusion  1. IntroductionAs a homeowner, a lush green lawn not only symbolizes pride but also provides a great place to relax and play. However, maintaining the green lawn requires a […]

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Are You Overwatering or Underwatering Your Lawn? Signs and Solutions!

Quick Access  1. Introduction 2. Get control of your sprinkler system 3. How much water is enough? 4. How much is overwatering?  5. How much is underwatering?  6. The Solution  1. IntroductionLawn care can be quite daunting. Among the crucial lawn care practices, besides mowing, is watering. Your lawn certainly needs water. But how much is enough?  Overwatering and underwatering […]

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